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Shelby Rooftop Taproom, where hospitality meets happiness. At Shelby, we believe in crafting more than just great drinks; we're here to curate moments that stay in your memory.
Our story begins with a passion for bringing people together. In our space, you'll find not just a bar but a community – a place where friends gather, laughter echoes, and connections flourish. From the carefully curated drinks menu to the friendly faces behind the counter, every detail at Shelby is designed to make you feel at home.
Picture yourself in our beautiful space, where the ambience is as inviting as the conversations flowing around are here to whip up your favourite drinks and introduce you to new flavours that might just become your next obsession.

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Shelby Rooftop-Taproom-kitchen

At Shelby Taproom, our rooftop escape, your experience is our top priority. As you ascend to our elevated retreat, you're not just stepping into a bar; you're entering your personal retreat in the sky. Imagine sipping on your favourite drinks with the cityscape spread out before you, a breathtaking backdrop to your moments of joy and connection. Our rooftop taproom isn't just a venue; it's your hideaway among the stars, where laughter mingles with the city sounds, forging unforgettable memories against the night sky.

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Nice restaurant and good food.

Sarthak Gupta