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Meditation is not for every one! Well that might not be true.


I am passionate about empowering people to heal themselves, transform, and personal growth through workshops, healing, and guided meditations. I am an Internationally certified Healer and teacher of various healing modalities like Theta Healing, Soul Mate facilitator, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Energy healing, meditation coach, and healing through Sound
Our ultimate goal is to help individuals heal their lives by removing energy blocks from all energy levels of the body and removal of negative emotions from the aura due to which the divine connection of the individual/patient has cut with a naturally gifted ability to shift, balance and construct energies at all levels, I as a Reiki Grand Master has developed a highly differentiated system of rebalancing energies in which I change and transfers energies to assist you in releasing pain or discomfort from your physical, mental and astral body. By tapping into the energy patterns attached to your energetic body.
I also specialized in working outside i.e., from a distance through Online (long distance / distant or non-local healing). This allows global availability for help to individuals, who can’t come personally. I have over 500+ satisfied clients globally, especially in the USA, UK, Thailand, and other European countries.

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Meditation is not for every one! Well that might not be true.

Meditation is for everyone but you must know which type of meditation you should do for what purpose. Are you new to meditations then you must start with certain guided meditations and breathing exercise. If you are already mid-way then there are different types of meditations you should do.

To help you overcome the limitations and make you grow on the path of meditation, I personally design these meditations which include yogic, mindful, mantra, breathwork and other guided healing meditations which will help in training your mind and body step by step in deepening concentration depending your need. With daily practice you will be able to overcome these hurdles

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She is very accurate in telling the fact with any problem.I regard her as my personal carrier adviser.Often I go to her with problem and she always give a solution.

Rajiv Ranjan


In online learning during these COVID situations, it was very difficult to catch up with the schedules of all the teachers. But my experience with Mrs. Reema pandey was different. She was always on time with a stable internet connection. She maintained a strict but friendly environment in the class and encouraged his students to participate actively in the discussion. I m totally satisfied with reema mam.she is a good teacher, good friend and a good human being.

Aarti Gupta


Reema ma'am , I am really very much greatful to you, God and reiki mata, for taking me under your guidance and supervision. My experience of reiki 1st degree is an absolute game changer and the level of self healing which was the result of first degree is just❤️❤️ . It can't be described in words. Thank you. Loads of love and wishes❤️

Priya Tiwari


I was facing Lot of problem with my Family and in my health But after taking Theta healing and Angel Card reading I got my answers to resolve my problems Thanks RIMA

Urmila Ji

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