MBG Card: Transforming Bharat to Digital India

With the empowering intent to transform “Bharat” into “Digital India”— MBG Card is keen to replace Traditional Visiting Cards with the Digital, Easy-to-share & Non-Discardable Smart Business Cards.

Using the ever-obsolete fashion of Printed Business Cards could never get rid of the problems associated with:
Wear & Tear
Printing cost
Carrying & Reordering
Discarding— as 88% of Printed Cards go to Dustbin in the very first week.

Typical Visiting Cards cater limited information in a not much exciting and least-friendly way. In addition to its same-as-ever appearance; Visiting Cards are difficult to store and demand physical interaction to get shared. Visiting cards can’t provide easy updates and also take a lot of printing time.

In the new normal introduced by the pandemic— it’s unsafe to share visiting cards physically. It is no more only expensive in your wallet but in your life too. Although it won’t even help your brand to get online— it surely requires professional support all the time too.

On the other hand (indeed a better one), MBG Card is the unique & perfect example of hitting 2 targets with a single arrow. MBG Card not only solves ”each of the above-mentioned problems” but is also hugely cost-effective coming at 10% of the average price of the available solutions— i.e ₹ 2500/year. But how? Let us show you.

MBG Card is a Digital Business Card but it holds much more magic than it reflects by its name. The price of a single person/brand visiting card costs approximately ₹5000/year at minimum. While a simple static Website including a domain name and hosting costs at least ₹20000/year. That rounds about ₹ 10-11K/year. But why are we talking about a website’s cost? Because MBG Card also gives a fully-functional, static and powerful business website with all the services of Digital Business Card at just ₹2500/year.

MBG Digital Visiting Card will not only solve the problems that have been encountered so far but will also boost businesses and professionals to go online and reach new heights. It will empower the businesses to reach their clients and customers faster to instill the brand image of their products and services regularly and improve their brand presence.

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