End to End construction of homes/villas/commercial properties

End to End construction of homes/villas/commercial propertiesWe construct villas...

Renovation of homes/commercial properties

Renovation of homes/commercial propertiesWhether you're planning to renovate a r...

Farmland construction & Management

Farmland Construction & Management We at Buildpe are dedicated to assisting ...

Construction of layouts & management

Construction of layouts & management Our team has the expertise and abilitie...

Real Estate Management

Real Estate ManagementAt Tosky our endeavour is to be a one-stop solution when i...

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We are new-age construction specialists! Powered by a team of qualified & experienced engineers and designers, Tosky aims to redefine and modernise the construction process by harnessing the power of technology. At Tosky, we offer a gamut of construction and real estate-related services including end-to-end construction of premium residential & commercial spaces, Renovation, Farmland management and Farmhouse construction, Sustainable planning and construction of layouts etc. In addition to these, we also manage Real Estate and help you earn from your real Estate.

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We pay attention to the finer details not only during the construction process but at every step. Our team of experts listen to you, understands your priorities and requirements carefully and then offer the best possible solution. What if you don’t like what we offer? No worries, we don’t shy away from alterations, we provide you options till you get what you have in mind. Skilled team, Sustainable & modern designs, craftsmanship, precision, and timeliness are not just words, these are the tenets that guide our business.
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