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Hair is the first thing noticed by people when you meet them for the first time. Beautiful and glossy hair leaves the best impression. So having a healthy hair is the need of the hour. People have many hair clinics amidst us to nurture our hair. But selecting the best center which offers the best treatment is a huge thing.

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Hair Fixing is also known as hair replacement. It is the process of fixing hair system to the hair lost portion on the head. We do only non surgical hair replacement, as we believe health should be given more importance than beauty.
Hair system means it is like an artificial skin on which natural hair is planted. Natural hair is weaved meticulously on to the polymer based non-natural scalp. The base of the patch is made of silicon material, which looks exactly similar to an original scalp. Plenty of air passage holes like human skin pores provide abundant air circulation that prevents heat. Sweat comes out from these sweat pores. This is called as Hair System or Hair piece or Hair Patch or Toupee, which is fixed to the bald portion of the head either by Hair Bonding or Clipping or Weaving.
We take the measurement of the hair lost area and identify the color , texture of the existing hairs and the type of baldness (male pattern baldness etc…). Then we make a hair system, custom made to suit your existing hair color and texture. This hair system will look completely natural. We import these hair systems from South Korea. For customers aged more than 40, we can add 10% to 15% grey hair to look natural and blend with the existing natural hair. In fact, we can give hair system of any color and style which the customer likes.
We offer permanent (micro ring hair extensions) and temporary (Removable daily wear hair extensions).We have hair extensions of all styles(Straight, Wavy and Curly), colours and lengths. Please Visit our hair extensions page for more details.
It takes upto 2 hours for hair fixing. First to study the existing hair texture and color of the hair and then take the measurement of the hair lost area. Finally, based on the quality of the hair patch and hair style chosen, a customized hair patch is made and fixed to the bald portion of the head in one of the above mentioned 3 ways.
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We offer a variety of financing options to help you restore your hair on practically any budget.



We guarantee to replace any non-growing hair transplant grafts free of charge



We have 10 + year's of experience.


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1. We guarantee to replace any non-growing hair transplant grafts free of charge.

2. We offer the only permanent solutions to hair loss.

3. We offer a variety of financing options to help you restore your hair on practically any budget.

4. We offer all proven surgical and non-surgical personalized solutions.

5. We have performed over 2000 hair restoration procedures.

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I was very apprehensive about going for HT surgery because I wasn’t really sure of the results, but Needs Hair Studio Team made sure I understood everything and didn’t recommend surgery unless really necessary."



It was a great experience with Needs Hair Studio. They treated me like their family member. I enjoyed my transplant session. From the next day of the session I went to the office without any issue. The staff are well experienced. Hospitality was excellent. If you are looking for a good hair transplantation clinic, just go to Needs Hair Studio. Price is also very reasonable.

Rahul namdev


I always thought hair transplantation was only for males, but after I visited Needs Hair Studio Clinic, I got a better idea of how I can fight hair loss and get a surgery done. Thanks to Needs Hair Studio Team.



Thanks for bringing confidence and had a wonderful treatment at Needshairstudio. Treatment was done excellent and staff were very friendly. Thanks to needs

Mr. Sameer

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